Sunday, 8 May 2011

R.I.P Gaga

My views on Lady Gaga's new music video 'Judas'.
I'd heard rumours that this was one of the most expensive music videos made to date. (I never quite believed this, but you never know now a days) After the build up of this I thought like everyone else I'd watch it, though truth be told it took me until about 4 days after it was released to finally do so. I'd seen people on twitter raving about it so I was expecting something amazing.
But to be honest, to put it blunt, it was shit. I'm sorry Lady Gaga but dancing in your underwear surrounded by people? been there, done that, got the t-shirt twice over. We get you have a great body, and well good on you, but really? This is your third major music video and all you're doing is prancing about looking a bit nuts in your underwear, or simply wearing minmal clothing whilst being washed in a bath...Is this not a bit deja vu after Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro?
Clearly Lady Gaga has realised that fame comes easy when you're willing to bare all. obviously she's taken some advice from the ever famous Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, famous for, well... God knows, needless to say it shan't be long until the debut of Gaga's sex tape.
I'm sorry but I was very unimpressed by this. All I want to say is stop trying (and failing) to reach the standard of Michael Jackson and his phenomenal, highly rated music videos. You will never get there in your underwear -Yes you have made it perfectly clear that you don't have a penis.
I must also add I did once say that Lady Gaga was an artist I adored.... but I'm afraid she's just not living up to her expectations anymore.