Sunday, 4 September 2011


So, I know England is well known for its horrifically unfriendly weather. But really? I feel like I've fast forwarded the season and skipped straight over to Winter.
July was my favourite month this year, and I think the only reason for this, is that I wasn't in England for it! I was punishing my liver in Kavos, Corfu before heading over to Bodrum, Turkey for tan topping and mojito sessions.
Apart from that one month I can safely say this has been one of my worst Summers to date... Especially after the last two incredible Summers I've had!
On a brighter note (of course not the weather) I got my A Level results back and was accepted into my first choice - Brighton University.
     But Is it wrong that I'm now wishing away Summer? I feel so grown up having a house and bills to pay (even if it isn't my money). The thought of moving away from this little Island by the sea and moving over to a bigger piece of land, by the sea, seems to be the most exciting prospect in my life right now (is that really sad?).
I have 16 days and counting left on this Island, and I'm really wishing it away, though with the Bestival next weekend and a trip to Ikea the following weekend it's not going to be too hard to get through it... Even if the weather has become a little hormonal mare!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Look Blog Competition

As I begin to write this blog competition entry I'm sat in the sunshine 
watching the clouds eating away at my chance of keeping up a decent sun tan 
(typical England).-You're probably wondering why I'm talking about my current 
activities in a blog that's answering a question about why I should be front 
row of the Look AW11 show, but that's just it. I blog about my life, my activities,
my views on fashion/music and well, just about anything that interests me; and 
though I only have one follower (queue the pity 'awww'), I'm still just as keen 
(I'll get there one day).So you ask, why should I be picked to sit front row? 
Well I'm no Internet sensation,I'm no Olivia Wilde or Ashley Olsen, but I am 
Hayley Morris, and Hayley Morris has a lot of determination and motivation. 

Now enough about that, let me give this question a go...
To be front row of Look Show AW11 would be a great topping to a so far very exciting 
year. Closing my eyes as I attempt to soak up some of the sunshine I picture myself
sat front row in amongst dozens of beautifully, delicate fellow onlookers as I stare 
intently at what will become next seasons fashion must haves.. There I sit dressed in 
a perfectly fitting white swing dress, effortlessly combined with a black boyfriend 
blazer and oh,what's that sitting beside my feet? (Sorry, I mean stunning Madagascar
office ballet pumps) Could it be? Oh yes a stunning Marc Jacobs tote...(one can only dream),
I'm  sitting scribbling away on a teanie notepad getting down everything that catches
my eye ready to write up a blog oozing with chic style and all the hints and tips to
a successful fashion season.
To be given this opportunity, truthfully it would be a life changing one, and it
would be one hell of an experience and a terribly exciting one at that!
Isn't it just every girls dream to be sat front row gazing in awe at the beauty woven 
and draped in front of your eyes, Just knowing you're the one that got yourself there it 
takes motivation and confidence to put yourself forward and for the dream hit reality.
- So why not give it a go? 
Perhaps if I win, maybe, just maybe I'll hit that second follower... ;) 

Blog Slack (Just a quick update)

So, although I said to, well myself, that I'd blog days after my last... I didn't. Shock. Horror.
There is a reason, which actually somewhat contrasts from my last post; I became over loaded with things to do.

So since my last post I have been to Kavos - Well, let me just start by saying I have never experienced anything so manic and exciting in my life. If you're looking for a holiday that holds no morals, where no ones judges you and you can drink yourself silly, that isn't as expensive and glamerous as Ibiza, head on over to Kavos where you won't sleep, experience or expErience sober reality.
I won't go into too much detail about Kavos, as well, If I'm honest being home now I don't remember an awful lot... Doesn't that just sound awful?
But as I jetted home from Kavos I was straight back to dancing ready for my final Dance show - All a bit emotional, missing it like crazy.
But thats not where the manic overload ends... a day after my final show I was back off to catch a plane to Turkey! (I actually wrote a few blogs there, however due to a lack of internet connection I'm yet to post them)
Anyway Turkey was fabulous and very relaxing unlike Kavos.
So now I'm home, losing my tan, shopping myself sensless and falling back into routine - though adimitdly doing so very slowly.

So as I said just a very brief update on why I've been slacking so much, after this final week of madness I'll be back to normality.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Schools out for summer!

...So I finished my A-levels on Thursday. After a very stressful final year, I expected the end of school to be incredible.

It's been 4 days, 4 hours and 52 minutes since I finished school. There has been no sign of any sunshine, Just wet, horrible, familiar rain.
So far I've spent my time: Facebook stalking, driving round wasting petrol singing my heart out to Beyonce's newest album and yes you guessed it, lots of sleep, along with 3 days of work... So If you do the math, I've spent a full day living the life of a crazy bum.
I seem to have more fun, when I'm supposed to be revising; how ironic! Anyone wanna set me up with a test? I'll say I'm studying and do something I shouldn't do, that way I won't be bored.

Writing this blog is a lot of effort right now. My mind is thinking "where the hell is the sun? Just put me back to bed" and whatever else in my body that has some form of a voice is screaming "I'M SO BORED HAYLEY! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO! TAKE ME OUT!"
...Needless to say I'll read this back to myself and struggle to make any sense from anything I've written. I feel sorry for you if you're reading this, though I think I may be the only one that reads this therefore, I pity myself.
The rest of my night is going to involve thinking of something to do for 2 hours, probably taking a bath with the voice of Ed Sheeran and my weekly dose of 'Made in Chelsea'. I'll attempt a better blog tomorrow, where I'll discuss my T4 audition, IOW Festival and Miss Knowles' new album 4!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

R.I.P Gaga

My views on Lady Gaga's new music video 'Judas'.
I'd heard rumours that this was one of the most expensive music videos made to date. (I never quite believed this, but you never know now a days) After the build up of this I thought like everyone else I'd watch it, though truth be told it took me until about 4 days after it was released to finally do so. I'd seen people on twitter raving about it so I was expecting something amazing.
But to be honest, to put it blunt, it was shit. I'm sorry Lady Gaga but dancing in your underwear surrounded by people? been there, done that, got the t-shirt twice over. We get you have a great body, and well good on you, but really? This is your third major music video and all you're doing is prancing about looking a bit nuts in your underwear, or simply wearing minmal clothing whilst being washed in a bath...Is this not a bit deja vu after Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro?
Clearly Lady Gaga has realised that fame comes easy when you're willing to bare all. obviously she's taken some advice from the ever famous Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, famous for, well... God knows, needless to say it shan't be long until the debut of Gaga's sex tape.
I'm sorry but I was very unimpressed by this. All I want to say is stop trying (and failing) to reach the standard of Michael Jackson and his phenomenal, highly rated music videos. You will never get there in your underwear -Yes you have made it perfectly clear that you don't have a penis.
I must also add I did once say that Lady Gaga was an artist I adored.... but I'm afraid she's just not living up to her expectations anymore.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The joys of a day off....

So today has been my first day off since February. But given the fact I seem to be the only one with a day off, I chose today to be the day I spend in my bed with the company of my Laptop, TV and Blackberry...
I woke up at 830, spent 2 hours trying to think of something I could do that wouldn't involve leaving my bed, I failed. After several phone, facebook and TV guide checks, I figured breakfast would be my next move... that got boring, so again several phone, facebook and twitter checks later, I moved onto kids TV and peppermint tea... Still, I lay in bed bored and out of ideas, and continuely checking my phone.

I feel useless, unsatisfied and diconnected from the world outside my window... I have done nothing productive nor acheived anything...
To be honest I cannot wait for my ballet class tonight and a full day back at sixth form - I hate days off.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Guilty pleasures

Escapism... there is nothing I take more pleasure in then escaping the ups and downs of my own life and indulging myself in the lives of celebrities - why I like to find out about Mischa Barton and her struggle with a broken nail or Kerry Katona getting another shite tattoo, I'm not sure, but I can't get enough. 

I'm currently reading the three Lindsey Kelk books, I cannot get enough of them! they are so cliche and predictable, yet I'm completely 100% addicted to them. I simply cannot put them down.

Facebook stalking. We all do it, we're all guilty of voyeurism! Nosing around Facebook finding out gossip whilst innocently judging others...
The Only Way is Essex. LOVE, cannot get enough of this programme, even if it is utter shit, I still watch it religiously!

Adele, 21, 19... But always number 1

So every time I turn on the radio or flick the tv onto any music related channel, that overly familiar, heartbreakingly, sensational voice of Adele's is heard.
She's had me singing at the top of my voice eyes streaming, nose running, as I drive around feeling as though I'm part of some tragically, soppy music video. - I have no idea how one voice can bring out so much emotion in a person... It's almost inhuman. But I tell you what, her ex-boyfriend must be absolutely killing himself after her record breaking success! I know I would be. I bet he didn't see this happening as he moved on with this new girl of his! What a fool, unless his new girlfriends Cheryl Cole... Though it's Highly unlikely.   
Even though her songs are structured with heartbreak and remorse, i can't help but feel oddly uplifted at the sound of her voice. I can't say I've ever been in love or experienced any heartbreak at all in my life, but I've had a lot of bad luck with men so her songs do make sense to me.

Needless to say I don't think Adele will be moving out of our charts anytime soon, especially with The X factor on it's way back! We all know those fame hungry talented and not so talented newbies will be using her material as usual

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Money trees, nice idea.

Life would be easy if money grew on trees, but life would be boring without the competition and determination to earn money and succeed.
I'm the type of person that uses the 11.11, rainbows and shooting star wishes, if I'm not lucky enough to use one of those I turn to Cosmic Ordering Service in hope that maybe some money will fall into my purse, but generally when I ask COS payday happens - unfortunately COS isn't so giving when it comes to money as its generally everyones wish... Sigh!
But when I really think about winning the lottery, as exciting and life changing as it sounds, I can't help but think that christmas and birthdays would be come boring, I know they aren't about what gifts you get and what you want, but the excitement tends to disappear when you can afford just about anything!
Then I start to think about all the training and hard work you have to do to get into that dream job, and my eyes start to haze over along with my brain. Why is everything such an effort now a days? As much as I'd adore to be a tv presenter, I can't help but feel a little inadequate when it comes to all the educating! I just want to get myself out into the dog eat dog world and be successful. This then takes me back to the idea of winning a lot of money.... Not what I want, but it's easier than debt and time spent in a lecture theatre right? Wrong I don't want it that easy, but I don't want it that hard! We humans are so hard to please, nothing will ever be good enough, because we always find something to moan about, which is why everything in life becomes about 5 times harder than it should be. I think I've come to find that there is no happy medium, just a personal desire to succeed which causes a drive in itself, a place where competition spurs and our inner strength is born. My 'inner strength' tends to have it's peaks and falls, which I guess I can call my weakness. Unless it's something I genuinely have a love for, then my heart doesn't want to stick to it, my head does, but my heart, no. With everything, whether its exercise, work, dieting or writing I tend to be most motivated when it becomes most inconvenient, like at 1am on a Thursday evening...
I may be an 18 year old working student, earning suitable money for my age in an education suitable for my future, yet I just have so much apathy towards my life right now, I'm living on a small island, with no hustle and bustle no drive or competition, surrounded by people wanting nothing but a family or pretty little house by the beach. Problem is I set myself up with high expectations and dreams that seem unrealistic and unreachable on this teanie little rock of earth. This certainly isn't the isle of dreams, well not for me anyway. London I suppose is where my love for life is. Being in a big city, surrounded by so much culture, so many different faces; being mugged by someone you aren't related to. Thats the problem with this Island, everywhere you go you are bound to bump into a familiar face, sure at times this is comforting and nice, but repetitiveness and seeing the same old faces day in day out it gets kind of dull. - i suppose I'm just moaning to moan, as I said we always find then worst in everything, i guess in this sense I'm no different.     

'i will never...'

 That saying :" I will never drink again", Yeah... does anyone actually stick to that? I promised myself about 2 weeks ago after waking up with a dry mouth, sore head and eyes that felt heavier than bricks that I would "never drink again" - Clearly I didn't really mean that!
Whilst getting ready for night out in our ever so boring and samey town, I cracked open a bottle of white. I specifically remember saying to myself, I'll only have glass or two, and won't drink until i'm out... Bet you can feel where this is heading huh?
Well, after getting ready and arriving at a friends, accompained by a lot of booze and alcohol themed games, it was clear to see I would not be making it out alive!
After a solid 2 hours of what we like to call 'pre-drinking' (which I used to presume was a glass or two, before laying on the shots) I was gone to say the least. - We arrived at the club just before midnight, and the drinking just didn't stop, I found myself wrapped around the pole, clearly thinking I was some sort of superstar pole dancer, Judging by my recently untagged pictures on the one and only Facebook.
The rest of my night is somewhat a blurr of faces and colours.
Waking up this morning was not something I felt I should be doing. My head was pounding, ears ringing... eyes like bricks. - I've been here before, I'm always welcomed with open arms!
After finally peeling myself out of bed I quickly found my laptop and got straight onto Facebook ready to piece together the night before...
I was pleasantly surprised at the state of myself, however I did feel obligied to untag some rather cringe worthy pole related photo's!
Needless to say I will not be drinking again...

Until Next week. ;)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Jessie J

A new budding talent, one of the Youtube phenomenons I had kept my eye on, a long with Bieber (though I'm not much of a fan) and many, many more!
I remember my cousin telling me to search Jessie J on YouTube about a year ago, after telling me she was one of the best musicians she'd ever heard, which is a lot coming from my cousin. I remember posting the video of her singing Mama Knows Best all over Facebook in absolute astonishment at her outrageously, incredible voice. - To me she was the upbeat Adele of our time.

I've loved this girl from day one, though some will very strongly disagree that she has any talent and automatically drop her into the mainstream pop bracket, she is so much more than that.
Truth be told when I heard her first single I was a little disappointed that her voice had been hidden under such a vocally easy song, because with a voice as powerful as hers I expected so much more, but the song definitely grew on me.
I'm not ashamed to admit my love for Jessie J, in fact I request her songs without fail every weekend and always listen to her, especially when I'm in a bad mood.
I see a lot of hate posted around Twitter for 'JJ', which has made me realise she is the new N-dubz, or Marmite, you either love or hate her, there is no happy medium with this newbie - but this will only make her stronger.
For those who aren't a fan have a listen to her voice stripped in a Live Lounge - no editing just her, then tell me she isn't talented.

Is Summer finally here?

Snap of the beach on my Little Island. x
 So, I keep waking up feeling a bit pants. Heavy eyes, lack of energy, cosy bed... you know the drill.
But these last few days all I have to do is open my blinds and in pours beautiful sunshine, which is a motivation to get out of bed in itself!
 I could never decide whether I preferred Winter or Summer (I've never liked Autumn or Spring, they don't count in my eyes) but waking up to that unfamiliar yellow circle in the sky has definitely made up my mind. I don't care if my birthday and Christmas fall in the Winter zone... Summer is definitely my favourite time of the year. I don't know if its the smell, or warmth Summer brings, but it definitely encourages the best in me to come out, my motivation's at its peak and my mood shoots right up to the happy bar.
- Now I may be waking up full of joy, buzzing around for what the day has to throw at me, but the most annoying thing is... Summer isn't quite here yet, I'm still wearing layers and tights with my skirts or shorts, which is disappointing to say the least. There's nothing worse than seeing the weather forecast as Sunny with highs of 3 degrees...
Maybe that's why I love the Summer season so much; because it plays hard to get, and we all know that makes things more exciting! Though I love the excitement, I really do wish it would stop playing me around and just arrive...
 The past three Summer's I've had, have been amazing, whether its because of where I am, who I'm with or the age I'm at, but I am more than determined to make this one the best yet... Though I shouldn't think it will be that hard considering the amount I've got planned already, bring it on is all I can say!