Monday, 7 March 2011

Jessie J

A new budding talent, one of the Youtube phenomenons I had kept my eye on, a long with Bieber (though I'm not much of a fan) and many, many more!
I remember my cousin telling me to search Jessie J on YouTube about a year ago, after telling me she was one of the best musicians she'd ever heard, which is a lot coming from my cousin. I remember posting the video of her singing Mama Knows Best all over Facebook in absolute astonishment at her outrageously, incredible voice. - To me she was the upbeat Adele of our time.

I've loved this girl from day one, though some will very strongly disagree that she has any talent and automatically drop her into the mainstream pop bracket, she is so much more than that.
Truth be told when I heard her first single I was a little disappointed that her voice had been hidden under such a vocally easy song, because with a voice as powerful as hers I expected so much more, but the song definitely grew on me.
I'm not ashamed to admit my love for Jessie J, in fact I request her songs without fail every weekend and always listen to her, especially when I'm in a bad mood.
I see a lot of hate posted around Twitter for 'JJ', which has made me realise she is the new N-dubz, or Marmite, you either love or hate her, there is no happy medium with this newbie - but this will only make her stronger.
For those who aren't a fan have a listen to her voice stripped in a Live Lounge - no editing just her, then tell me she isn't talented.

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