Thursday, 10 March 2011

'i will never...'

 That saying :" I will never drink again", Yeah... does anyone actually stick to that? I promised myself about 2 weeks ago after waking up with a dry mouth, sore head and eyes that felt heavier than bricks that I would "never drink again" - Clearly I didn't really mean that!
Whilst getting ready for night out in our ever so boring and samey town, I cracked open a bottle of white. I specifically remember saying to myself, I'll only have glass or two, and won't drink until i'm out... Bet you can feel where this is heading huh?
Well, after getting ready and arriving at a friends, accompained by a lot of booze and alcohol themed games, it was clear to see I would not be making it out alive!
After a solid 2 hours of what we like to call 'pre-drinking' (which I used to presume was a glass or two, before laying on the shots) I was gone to say the least. - We arrived at the club just before midnight, and the drinking just didn't stop, I found myself wrapped around the pole, clearly thinking I was some sort of superstar pole dancer, Judging by my recently untagged pictures on the one and only Facebook.
The rest of my night is somewhat a blurr of faces and colours.
Waking up this morning was not something I felt I should be doing. My head was pounding, ears ringing... eyes like bricks. - I've been here before, I'm always welcomed with open arms!
After finally peeling myself out of bed I quickly found my laptop and got straight onto Facebook ready to piece together the night before...
I was pleasantly surprised at the state of myself, however I did feel obligied to untag some rather cringe worthy pole related photo's!
Needless to say I will not be drinking again...

Until Next week. ;)

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