Monday, 15 August 2011

Look Blog Competition

As I begin to write this blog competition entry I'm sat in the sunshine 
watching the clouds eating away at my chance of keeping up a decent sun tan 
(typical England).-You're probably wondering why I'm talking about my current 
activities in a blog that's answering a question about why I should be front 
row of the Look AW11 show, but that's just it. I blog about my life, my activities,
my views on fashion/music and well, just about anything that interests me; and 
though I only have one follower (queue the pity 'awww'), I'm still just as keen 
(I'll get there one day).So you ask, why should I be picked to sit front row? 
Well I'm no Internet sensation,I'm no Olivia Wilde or Ashley Olsen, but I am 
Hayley Morris, and Hayley Morris has a lot of determination and motivation. 

Now enough about that, let me give this question a go...
To be front row of Look Show AW11 would be a great topping to a so far very exciting 
year. Closing my eyes as I attempt to soak up some of the sunshine I picture myself
sat front row in amongst dozens of beautifully, delicate fellow onlookers as I stare 
intently at what will become next seasons fashion must haves.. There I sit dressed in 
a perfectly fitting white swing dress, effortlessly combined with a black boyfriend 
blazer and oh,what's that sitting beside my feet? (Sorry, I mean stunning Madagascar
office ballet pumps) Could it be? Oh yes a stunning Marc Jacobs tote...(one can only dream),
I'm  sitting scribbling away on a teanie notepad getting down everything that catches
my eye ready to write up a blog oozing with chic style and all the hints and tips to
a successful fashion season.
To be given this opportunity, truthfully it would be a life changing one, and it
would be one hell of an experience and a terribly exciting one at that!
Isn't it just every girls dream to be sat front row gazing in awe at the beauty woven 
and draped in front of your eyes, Just knowing you're the one that got yourself there it 
takes motivation and confidence to put yourself forward and for the dream hit reality.
- So why not give it a go? 
Perhaps if I win, maybe, just maybe I'll hit that second follower... ;) 

Blog Slack (Just a quick update)

So, although I said to, well myself, that I'd blog days after my last... I didn't. Shock. Horror.
There is a reason, which actually somewhat contrasts from my last post; I became over loaded with things to do.

So since my last post I have been to Kavos - Well, let me just start by saying I have never experienced anything so manic and exciting in my life. If you're looking for a holiday that holds no morals, where no ones judges you and you can drink yourself silly, that isn't as expensive and glamerous as Ibiza, head on over to Kavos where you won't sleep, experience or expErience sober reality.
I won't go into too much detail about Kavos, as well, If I'm honest being home now I don't remember an awful lot... Doesn't that just sound awful?
But as I jetted home from Kavos I was straight back to dancing ready for my final Dance show - All a bit emotional, missing it like crazy.
But thats not where the manic overload ends... a day after my final show I was back off to catch a plane to Turkey! (I actually wrote a few blogs there, however due to a lack of internet connection I'm yet to post them)
Anyway Turkey was fabulous and very relaxing unlike Kavos.
So now I'm home, losing my tan, shopping myself sensless and falling back into routine - though adimitdly doing so very slowly.

So as I said just a very brief update on why I've been slacking so much, after this final week of madness I'll be back to normality.