Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The joys of a day off....

So today has been my first day off since February. But given the fact I seem to be the only one with a day off, I chose today to be the day I spend in my bed with the company of my Laptop, TV and Blackberry...
I woke up at 830, spent 2 hours trying to think of something I could do that wouldn't involve leaving my bed, I failed. After several phone, facebook and TV guide checks, I figured breakfast would be my next move... that got boring, so again several phone, facebook and twitter checks later, I moved onto kids TV and peppermint tea... Still, I lay in bed bored and out of ideas, and continuely checking my phone.

I feel useless, unsatisfied and diconnected from the world outside my window... I have done nothing productive nor acheived anything...
To be honest I cannot wait for my ballet class tonight and a full day back at sixth form - I hate days off.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Guilty pleasures

Escapism... there is nothing I take more pleasure in then escaping the ups and downs of my own life and indulging myself in the lives of celebrities - why I like to find out about Mischa Barton and her struggle with a broken nail or Kerry Katona getting another shite tattoo, I'm not sure, but I can't get enough. 

I'm currently reading the three Lindsey Kelk books, I cannot get enough of them! they are so cliche and predictable, yet I'm completely 100% addicted to them. I simply cannot put them down.

Facebook stalking. We all do it, we're all guilty of voyeurism! Nosing around Facebook finding out gossip whilst innocently judging others...
The Only Way is Essex. LOVE, cannot get enough of this programme, even if it is utter shit, I still watch it religiously!

Adele, 21, 19... But always number 1

So every time I turn on the radio or flick the tv onto any music related channel, that overly familiar, heartbreakingly, sensational voice of Adele's is heard.
She's had me singing at the top of my voice eyes streaming, nose running, as I drive around feeling as though I'm part of some tragically, soppy music video. - I have no idea how one voice can bring out so much emotion in a person... It's almost inhuman. But I tell you what, her ex-boyfriend must be absolutely killing himself after her record breaking success! I know I would be. I bet he didn't see this happening as he moved on with this new girl of his! What a fool, unless his new girlfriends Cheryl Cole... Though it's Highly unlikely.   
Even though her songs are structured with heartbreak and remorse, i can't help but feel oddly uplifted at the sound of her voice. I can't say I've ever been in love or experienced any heartbreak at all in my life, but I've had a lot of bad luck with men so her songs do make sense to me.

Needless to say I don't think Adele will be moving out of our charts anytime soon, especially with The X factor on it's way back! We all know those fame hungry talented and not so talented newbies will be using her material as usual