Monday, 20 June 2011

Schools out for summer!

...So I finished my A-levels on Thursday. After a very stressful final year, I expected the end of school to be incredible.

It's been 4 days, 4 hours and 52 minutes since I finished school. There has been no sign of any sunshine, Just wet, horrible, familiar rain.
So far I've spent my time: Facebook stalking, driving round wasting petrol singing my heart out to Beyonce's newest album and yes you guessed it, lots of sleep, along with 3 days of work... So If you do the math, I've spent a full day living the life of a crazy bum.
I seem to have more fun, when I'm supposed to be revising; how ironic! Anyone wanna set me up with a test? I'll say I'm studying and do something I shouldn't do, that way I won't be bored.

Writing this blog is a lot of effort right now. My mind is thinking "where the hell is the sun? Just put me back to bed" and whatever else in my body that has some form of a voice is screaming "I'M SO BORED HAYLEY! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO! TAKE ME OUT!"
...Needless to say I'll read this back to myself and struggle to make any sense from anything I've written. I feel sorry for you if you're reading this, though I think I may be the only one that reads this therefore, I pity myself.
The rest of my night is going to involve thinking of something to do for 2 hours, probably taking a bath with the voice of Ed Sheeran and my weekly dose of 'Made in Chelsea'. I'll attempt a better blog tomorrow, where I'll discuss my T4 audition, IOW Festival and Miss Knowles' new album 4!